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Applicant Features

The White Label Casting platform has been built to make it simple for people to register, complete their profile, apply for shows, and walk away.

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Administrative Features

When it comes to scouring through your database, we left no stone unturned in coming up with ideas for what would help you out the most.

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Platform Features

From responsive design to social network integration, there are so many tools at your disposal within our casting platform.

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Key Features


From the registration process to data storage, keeping users and your company’s information secure is our top priority.

Social Media

Applicants can share casting projects across social media and can also link their personal social media accounts to their profile.


At a glance home page with status and casting project information visible on both the user and the administrative side of the website.


Varying questions to different colors and format design, White Label Casting can create a platform to suit your brand’s requests.


From a personal technical account manager to email support, our team is always around to help your administrators when they have issues.

Turn Key

The platform is ready to launch approximately one week after you sign the contract unless customization is requested. Just upload information and go.

Cloud Hosted

With security and reliability as a priority, our entire platform is hosted and managed, saving you time and money on equipment and on hiring IT staff.

Any Language

Whether your website or show is in the United States or any other country, we can easily change the language to suit the audience at no additional cost.

Applicant Features

The White Label Casting platform has been built to make it simple for people to register, complete their profile, apply for shows, and then walk a way with an overall pleasant, hassle-free experience. Applicants are greeted by their own personal dashboard where they can apply for projects, see the status of those they’ve already applied to, or respond to admin messages using our internal messaging system. Additionally, all information entered automatically saves to their profile and they can also see how complete their profile is at any given time so they know what else to complete to help get them noticed faster.

We know that truly getting to know a person nowadays involves viewing their social media accounts, so we’ve let users log in using their Facebook account (as an option) and also let them sync their Twitter, YouTube, and other social accounts or websites to their profile. We stay on top of the latest trends and tools to help you make casting decisions a bit faster. One more of the many things applicants can do with White Label Casting is share your casting platform website or specific casting projects across social media sites to help organically maximize your reach and grow your database at no cost to you. Like we’ve already said, we’re here to make your job easier.

Key Applicant Features

  • Facebook Registration
  • Custom Registration
  • Instant Apply
  • Real Time Saves
  • Internal Messaging
  • HD Video Uploads
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Administrative Features

We just told you that applicant’s have a dashboard, but did you know that administrators have a dashboard too?  Here you can view all of your projects in one spot, add new projects with images and descriptions, change the status of projects from active to inactive, and feature a project on users dashboards, amongst other cool things. Do you have multiple people needing access to your projects? You’re in luck. Each admin gets to create their own profile page  complete with nickname and profile photo. The main administrator can limit them to specific projects or tasks, assign them to applicants for follow-up, and even has their own dashboard to manage all of the other admins involved.

When it comes to scouring through your database and contacting applicants, we left no stone unturned in coming up with ideas for what you would need to best assist you. From viewing applicants by photos or in list view, to searching  by keyword, categories, status, or assigned to, to being able to save searches and see your most recent searches, and lots more, we have thought of it all.  We know that being able to export information into spreadsheets is important, so you can still easily do that with White Label Casting. You can also assign tasks or leave notes to yourself or other admins, message applicants, review applicant videos, track applicants by their platform generated ID, and email applicant profiles to 3rd parties for review. To see the other great features our platform allows, please check out our Administrative Features page. .

Key Administrative Features

  • Visual Applicant Search
  • Export Applicants To Excel
  • Track Applicant Status
  • Tie To Applicant’s Social Media Profiles
  • Send Applicant’s Profile To 3rd Parties
  • Create New Projects In Seconds
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Platform Features

Being digital people at heart, we’ve aimed to give you and your users the best online experience possible. From responsive design (which means that no matter what device you view the platform on, be it an iPhone or a computer, no information gets cut off) to social network integration, there are so many tools at your disposal within our casting platform. With strong SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) in place and 256-bit AES and SSL encryption, your safety and security will always be our top priority. Our platform is cloud hosted, meaning you save on hardware and IT staff and you have added peace of mind that your website and its data won’t disappear. Plus, as you grow, we can grow and continue to support you.

No matter your need, we can help you. From customization on a big or small scale to additional languages, no matter the country, we can assist. We can even integrate the platform into your email marketing program so you can market to applicants and grow your fan base. If there is something else you need that we haven’t discussed, please give us a call as we’d love to put our brains together and come up with a unique solution just for you.



Key Platform Features

  • Custom Branding
  • Use Your Own Web Address
  • Responsive Design
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Secure
  • Any Language
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