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White Label Casting Is The Ultimate Casting Platform For Your Brand!

White Label Casting is a turnkey, scalable platform that makes it easy for you to manage any casting need, from finding extras and audience members to casting directors using it at casting agencies or at production houses. With social media network integration, its the cost effective solution you’ve been looking for.

Casting Platform Features

Our casting engine is easy to use for even the least tech savvy person, but contains all of the features that you need to make the casting process go smoothly. Photo and video uploading, internal messaging, sharing projects across social media, exporting to spreadsheets, and emailing profiles to 3rd parties are just a few of the things that you’ll love about our platform.
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Cost Effective Pricing

With two different pricing options available, White Label Casting caters to small casting agencies, large TV networks and production companies, and everyone else in between who needs to find people. Find the plan that is best for your company and if you need some modifications, give us a call and let us put together a platform that is built just for you.
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In the same amount of time it takes to watch a sitcom, you can view our complete casting platform. Yep, in just thirty minutes you can see how simple it is for applicants to apply and for admins to search applicant information and enter new casting projects, and do a whole lot more, too. We’d love to show you a demo, so please call or email us today.
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Build And Own Your Own Database Of Applicants!

Sometimes shows are overwhelmed with applicants and other times, especially new shows, it takes a lot more effort to find and cast contestants.  White Label Casting allows you to keep current and past applicants in one pool so you can reach out to them via internal messaging whether they have applied for a particular show or not. Maybe you need someone who is 25 and a single mom or just someone who lives in Los Angeles, you now have access to more potential contestants at your fingertips.

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Who Needs White Label Casting?

Networks/Production Co’s

Sometimes you have one show in production and at other times ten airing at once. Keep track of your active and past casting projects and find talent to create new show ideas from your private database of previously used as well as untapped talent.

Reality Shows

From dating shows to family productions, select your new cast from your database of applicants. Whether they have applied for a particular show or not, browse by category and see if applicants might be a perfect fit for one of your other casting projects.

Talk Shows

Do you produce a new show each day and are always on the lookout for people with different experiences and perspective on things? Keep track of previous and look for new potential cast members with the White Label Casting platform.

Game Shows

Need contestants to either appear in the audience or for a specific role on a show? Have applicants fill out a profile and apply on the platform. When future episodes need contestants or audience members, sort back through your database to find potential candidates.

Casting Agencies

Always looking for talent for TV shows, dating shows, commercials, for voice overs, in music videos, as extras, and for theatre productions? Have people create a profile and even apply for specific casting projects and then scan your database as new projects arise.

Studio Audience

Use White Label Casting to find and fill the studio audience for your television shows. Let people apply for specific shows of interest, and once their data is saved, contact them in the future when seats need to be filled. Everyone wants to get called back to come again.

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